Unlock the ancient genetic codes that govern your health

Take the guess work out of wellbeing

Introducing the Qiyas Gene Test

What you get

  • The unique Qiyas Gene Test
  • Your individual report
  • A 30-minute personalized consult


Your journey to great health was mapped out before you were born

Don’t waste time on pointless diets and workouts. Your genes hold the key to what’ll work for you, forever

The miracle diet that everyone’s talking about? It might work for you too. Or maybe it won’t.

The latest exercise fad? It could make you the fittest you’ve ever been. Then again it might not.

Low impact… High intensity… Paleo… Asian, Mediterranean… Confusion reigns. The choices are endless. How do you know what’s right for your body? It’s all in your genes.

The fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and meats that your ancestors ate: they’re the ones that’ll work for you.

The woods where they hunted, the rivers they swam in, the hills they climbed… they shaped your forbears’ genes, and they govern the exercise that’ll get you fit.

Why choose Qiyas? 20 years of cutting edge research

When it comes to your health, only the best will do. Choose Qiyas for exclusive, patented tests and two decades of world-beating research

Relax. You’re in good hands. At Qiyas, we take your health more seriously than most.

We dig deeper, taking you back to the very origins of your genetic history.

You access tests that have taken 20 years to develop. They’re conducted at the world’s leading research centres, and many are patented and not offered by anyone else.

You get a fully personalized report, and a 30-minute personal coaching session, with the Qiyas Gene Test.

And you receive health, diet and lifestyle advice that’ll dramatically reduce your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

Who else would you trust with your health?

Lifestyle plans based on your DNA

Your ancestral genetic code holds secrets that’ll take your wellbeing to another level

There’s no miracle diet and exercise plan that works for everyone. But there is one that works for you. And it’s been determined by your ancestral heritage.

The one size fits all approach to health is broken. Your ancestors lived and ate differently to other people’s forbears. Their genetic code evolved to face the challenges around them.

Our recommendations take into account your ancestral heritage as well as your genetic heritage.

Our ancestry questionnaire (available soon) helps us to mine your genetic origins. And we’re developing tests that’ll pinpoint the very town or village your forbears emerged from.

Your Qiyas plan is fully personalized based on your personal ancestry. On your genes, and your genes only.

One test for the rest of your life

Get constantly updated health advice tailored to your unique genetic code

Imagine, no more guesswork. No more experimentation. No more going from practitioner to practitioner in search of your health.

The Qiyas Gene Test is for the rest of your life.

Other companies’ service only goes so far. You might get a report and no other advice. The information can be unnerving, if you don’t know how to interpret it.

We take your worries away.

You get a 30-minute personal coaching session, to set you up to succeed.

Plus you receive a Living Report along with your Qiyas test results and its personalized recommendations.

We constantly update your report with new research and data. So no more worrying about incorrect or out-of-date health advice.

The Qiyas Difference

  • THE BEST DATA Qiyas has unparalleled genetic, regional, and historical health data.
  • THE MOST ACCURATE TESTING Get health advice tailored to you. Qiyas makes specific health recommendations.
  • ADVICE THAT WORKS Other companies will leave you with a list of interesting facts about your genes. We give you a lifestyle plan that you can put into practise.
  • PERSONAL COACHING Qiyas is with you every step of the way. Your personal coach ensures your success.

How Genetic Testing Works

BODY/ Genetic testing is simple. After you purchase our genetics test, you will be shipped a saliva kit. Upon receiving the saliva kit, you will provide your sample and ship the kit back to us.

Once we receive the saliva sample, we will have your Lifestyle Genomics Report ready for you in four weeks.



Oder Your Test Kit

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Step 2

Receive Your Kit and Provide Saliva Sample

Step 3

Step 3

Receive Your Qiyas Genetic Report

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Step 4

Have Your Specialized Consult