Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Qiyas Gene Test and Personalized Lifestyle Plan?

The Qiyas Gene Test is done through taking your saliva sample and analyzing your DNA at a lab. You will then receive the Qiyas Report and a specialized consult with one of our advisors. The report will highlight the different genetic variations you have, and, more importantly, give you clear lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic make-up.

The Personalized Lifestyle Plan (PLP) is based on your ancestry, current environment, and health goals. You will begin with a 30-minute consult with a Qiyas advisor in order to gather all the information needed to develop your PLP. There are no lab tests needed for the PLP. Your PLP will be in a form of a report and emailed to you.

How long will it take to get my genetic testing results?

It will take about 4–5 weeks for you to receive your Qiyas Report, which will summarize your genetic results and provide you with lifestyle recommendations.

Where do you run your lab (gene) tests?

All of our genetic testing is done through ManaGeneDX, Canada. ManaGeneDX uses the McGill University research lab to conduct their genetic testing. The Qiyas panel has been handpicked and designed by Dr. Mansoor Mohammad.

Which genes does Qiyas test for?

We can’t give away all of our secret sauce! The Qiyas gene panel focuses on the 23 most important genes related to lifestyle. Our research team has handpicked these genes in order to bring the most benefit to our clients. The genes chosen are well studied, and the lifestyle recommendations well documented.

What do I get with the Genetic Testing package?

With the initial Genetic Testing package of $450 you will get a saliva kit sample (to be shipped back to us), the results and report for your genes, and a 30-minute personalized consult. The report will summarize and break down the 23 genes we test for.

Where can I find more information on the Qiyas Gene Test?

For more information on the Qiyas Gene Test, you may visit our Gene Testing page.

Are my genes different to other people?

The short answer, yes! Everyone is unique and has a unique set of genes. You may share certain genetic markers with individuals, however, on a whole your genetic makeup is unique to you.

If I have a certain gene will I get ill or develop a disease?

No! One of the many benefits of doing a gene test is that you can find out if you are at a higher risk for certain diseases so that you can make smarter lifestyle choices.

Isn’t it better not to know my genes so I don’t worry?

We will answer this question with more questions. Wouldn’t you want to know which foods are good for you? Which exercise is optimal for you? How to elevate your mood and behavior? Whether or not coffee and dairy are good for you? Wouldn’t you want to be healthy and agile in your 80s and 90s? The answer—yes, of course, you would want to know.

How does the PLP differ from other diet and exercise plans?

The Personalized Lifestyle Plan is more than an exercise plan or diet. We take into account the entire “you”! We look at your ancestry, your current environment, and what your health goals are. Based on the information we receive, our team of experts design a personalized plan to help you achieve your health goals. And then, we help you execute that plan through our monthly coaching plans.

What does “one test for the rest of your life” mean?
It means that your Qiyas Report will be a living document and we will update the research and lifestyle recommendations as our own database and the field of genomics develops.