Personalized Lifestyle Plan

Eat, Move, and Live the way Your Ancestors did… 

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Do you always feel fatigued?

Want to know which exercise is best for you?

Need help to stay motivated?

Which diet is optimal for you?


Simply put, the human body was created to move. Our modern day lifestyle has caused most of us to live a sedentary life, which leads to many chronic diseases and painful joints and muscles. You do not have to live in pain. Let Qiyas help you design an exercise plan that is personalized for you. Looking at your current state of health, ancestry, and goals, Qiyas experts will develop a fitness plan that is just right for you. We will also help you execute that plan. Our exercise plan is one of four essential components of the larger Personalized Lifestyle plan.


A healthy and nutritious diet is vital for your health. But how do you know which diet is right for you? Qiyas will help you design a diet plan that takes into account how your ancestors ate, which foods are readily available to you, your weight management goals, and your current state of health. Then a coach will help you stick to the diet plan. We have all tried a dozen or more diets in our life, now try a diet that is backed by tradition, science, and proven results. Let a Qiyas expert help you achieve optimal health through healthy eating that is personalized for you.


Ever wonder how important sleep is to your health? Some would argue that it is more important than diet and exercise. This why sleep is a core component of the Qiyas Personalized Lifestyle Plan. Qiyas’ research team has come up with practical tips to help you improve the quality of your sleep, and in some cases, to help you get to sleep. Sleep is crucial for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Let a Qiyas expert help you improve your sleep by understanding your current circumstance and sleep environment.

Social Networks

Human relationship has always been at the forefront of traditional societies. It is only in the recent modern world that we have become so isolated from one another, despite the rise in technologies that help us stay connected. Real life human interaction is very important for overall health and longevity, however, living in the digital age we often miss out on meaningful interaction, be it with family members, friends, or spouses. Sign up for the Personalized Lifestyle Plan to learn how to improve your relationships that are important to you.