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Omega-6 Oils and the Destruction of Human Health

30 Nov, 2017

Omega-6 is an essential fatty acid. It is found naturally in nuts and seeds, but, in recent decades, the primary dietary source has been polyunsaturated oils. These oils include vegetable oil, corn oi

Rethinking Bulletproof Coffee

30 Oct, 2017

How do your genes interact with this popular drink? Over the last few years bulletproof coffee has become a ‘thing’. It was first popularised by Dave Asprey, then it circulated around various blog

BDNF, Memory, Productivity, and Love!

4 Oct, 2017

There is a protein found in the brain called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or, more commonly, BDNF. It is active in three areas of the brain: Hippocampus Cortex Forebrain Between them, these thre

Sleep, Weight loss, and Muscle Mass

29 Sep, 2017

Sleep deprivation, sleep restriction, or fragmented sleep prevents people from losing weight and gaining muscle mass. It obliterates hormones, such as testosterone, needed for cognition and building m